Web Registration Procedure

Follow these directions to register for classes online

  • On the appropriate date, launch your web browser and go to www.hsu.edu.
  • Click on MyHenderson in the top, right corner.
  • Enter your USER NAME and PASSWORD.  The USER NAME is an 8 digit number, with the first two digits being the initials of your first and last names.  The PASSWORD is your 4 digit birthday (mmdd), plus the last 4 digits of your social security number unless you have changed it. If you do not remember your USERNAME or PASSWORD, send an email to helpdesk@hsu.edu, or call 870-230-5678.
  • Click on the tab “Courses I Take”.
  • In “Courses I Take”, click on the Student Links box. Check for accuracy. Corrections in demographic information may be made in the Office of the Registrar.
  • In “Courses I Take”/ Student Links select “Add/Drop Courses.”
  • Read the statement of understanding.
  • Select the appropriate term and course prefix.  Click on LIST COURSES.
  • Select the course you wish to add and click on ADD.  If you are eligible to take the class and if it is available, the course will be added to your schedule.
  • To select an additional course with a different prefix, click on SELECT A DIFFERENT TERM CODE OR DEPARTMENT.
  • To view your student account statement and schedule, go to MyHenderson/Courses I Take/Student Links and click on “Account Status.”
  • To print the statement, click on the printer icon.

When you have finished, click on LOGOUT

Attention Students taking ONLINE or PARTIAL ONLINE classes

If you are registering for an online or partially online course you should do the following:

Read the ANGEL Login/Information page.  This page can be accessed by going to www.hsu.edu and clicking on the ANGEL Login link or by going directly to:  http://angel.hsu.edu. Read the information about usernames and passwords. Work through the Orientation Course. Read the Quick Start Guide For Students.

Online and Partially Online courses may have irregular or different meeting times than initially published in the course schedule.  Course access should become available on the first day of class.  For exceptions and meeting times/locations, please contact the instructor on record.