Women's and Gender Studies Minor and Certificate Program

The Women's and Gender Studies certificate is designed to give students from diverse backgrounds and disciplines knowledge of the rich body of historical and contemporary scholarship about women, sexuality, and gender.  Students who complete this certificate will examine historical and cultural conditions crucial to understanding the constructions of gender, race, class, and sexuality.  The certificate features an interdisciplinary core course with electives chosen from among seven disciplines.

A certificate in Women’s and Gender Studies consists of 12 hours of study including 1 required 3-hour course - Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies, and three 3-hour electives.  The electives are chosen from a list of relevant courses in the areas of Communications, English, Family and Consumer Sciences, History, Psychology, Sociology, and Theatre. The Women's and Gender studies minor consist of one additional 3-hour course beyond the certificate.

The minor requires 15 hours of course work, including:

  • HUM2153 Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies (required)

AND four of the following courses (with no more than 9 hours from any one discipline)

  • COM 3413.  Gender Communication
  • ENG 4403.  Topics in Women’s Literature
  • FCS 3153.  Family Relations
  • HIS 4003. Women in Europe from the Fall of Rome to the French Revolution
  • HIS 4333.  American Women’s History
  • HIS 4303  Sex and Gender in Africa
  • PSY 4693.  Love and Sexual Behavior
  • SOC 4293.  Sociology of Gender Roles
  • SOC 3033.  Marriage and Family
  • SOC 4503 Domestic Violence
  • SOC 4603 Women and the Law
  • THA 4473  (WI) Women, Gender and Race in American Theatre

Special Topics courses offered on women's and gender issues may also be designated as minor electives by the Women's and Gender Studies Director.

One seminar may be counted toward the elective requirements for the women’s and Gender Studies Minor if the topic of research is germane and approved by the director of the minor, even if the seminar is not specifically a women’s and gender studies course.

For more information, please contact a member of the steering committee.

Steering Committee


Dr. Stephanie Barron, Department of English, Foreign Languages and Philosophy
Dr. Shannon Clardy, Department of Engineering and Physics


Dr. Megan Hickerson,  Department of Social Sciences
Dr. Shari Valentine, Department of Sociology and Human Services
Mr. William Henshaw, Department of Communications and Theater Arts