Priority Six

Enhance Henderson’s Regional, State, and National Profile

Desired Outcomes:

  1. Traffic to Henderson’s website has increased in quality and quantity:                                    
    • Each month, there are 100,000 visits to the site.
    • Average time on site has increased to 3 minutes per visit.
  2. Henderson’s Klout score and other social media engagement indexes are in the top 25% among peer universities.
  3. Donations from alumni have increased:
    • The number of alumni giving annually is 25%.
    • 10% of alumni have designated Henderson for a planned gift.
  4. Attendance at select student events has risen 10%.
  5. At least 75% of alumni update their contact information on an annual basis.
  6. US News and World Report peer-assessment score has increased to 3.4 out of 5.
  7. The style manual and standards for conveying Henderson's standards, values, vision, mission, and goals are in place and used across the university and by Henderson alumni.       
  8. The number of students who ask for application information averages 150 per month.
    • 25% of applications are submitted from students outside Arkansas.
  9. Number of meetings with key external stakeholders increases:                        
    • One-on-one meetings or calls with key opinion leaders and influencers in the community is one per month.
    • Group meetings with regional and state reporters on campus are four per year.
  10. Stories promoting Henderson’s identified areas of excellence are placed in news media five times per week.

Strategy 1: Develop Branding Guide and Educate Campus on Standards

Strategy 2: Redesign the Website

Strategy 3: Launch an Integrated Media Campaign, Incorporating Elements for Each of the University’s Key Stakeholder Groups

Strategy 4: Strengthen Relationships with External Audiences