Priority Two

Enhance Academic Programs

Desired Outcomes:

  1. A comprehensive study of local, regional, and state needs and workforce projections has been completed, and current programs have been enhanced or modified and new programs (degrees) added based on analysis of the findings. 100% of the programs are reviewed—20% each year—over a 5-year period
  2. Several new or enhanced programs and services that manifest Henderson’s unique mission to bridge the liberal arts and professional aspirations are in place, e.g., 12-16 hour concentrations or certificate programs.
  3. 100% of the programs with nationally-recognized, specialized accrediting or licensing agencies are accredited or recognized.  
  4. 75% of Henderson students participate in experiential, interdisciplinary, and/or integrated learning experiences (e.g. internships, academic travel, service, undergraduate research).
  5. 5% of the student-body participates in a study abroad or international travel programs.
  6. The Honors College has an annual enrollment of 450 students engaged in a highly rigorous, unique set of academic and intellectual experiences.
  7. 30% of the credit hour production is generated through on-line (virtual) delivery systems with clearly defined policies and procedures. Faculty members are well-trained and supported, and appropriate courses are carefully identified and maintain a high level of integrity.
  8. Off campus enrollments, primarily the Hot Springs campus, have an enrollment of 350 students completing their junior/senior hours or master’s degrees in areas of business, education, and arts and sciences.
  9. Henderson has an unduplicated headcount of 30 high school students taking concurrent enrollment courses taught by well-qualified faculty who strictly adhere to the ADHE and university policies regarding concurrent enrollment. 
  10. The academically-related NSSE scores of freshmen and seniors are in line with those at selected peer institutions.                                

Strategy 1: Develop New Programs or Areas of Study

Strategy 2: Develop Certificate Programs to Bridge the Liberal Arts with Professional Aspirations

Strategy 3: Achieve Accreditation or Licensure for Programs Currently Unaccredited or Not Licensed

Strategy 4: Increase Experiential Learning Opportunities

Strategy 5: Enhance the Honors College

Strategy 6: Online Learning Systems

Strategy 7: Increase Off-Campus Enrollments

Strategy 8: Offer High Quality Concurrent Courses

Strategy 9: Improve Key NSSE Academic Scores