Strategy Three

Establish Office of Sponsored Programs to Coordinate and Generate Grants and Contracts

Rather than depend solely on tuition, student fees, and a formula-driven funding base from the state, Henderson has to incorporate a sustainable, innovative, and strategic path to generate new and diverse revenues. As such, Henderson needs to establish an Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) whose mission would be to identify potential funding sources, develop grant proposals and budgets, submit proposals and grants, negotiate award agreements, and facilitate compliance with federal, state, and sponsoring funding sources. An additional function of the Office of Sponsored Programs will be to offer professional development and technical assistance to faculty and staff on the development of competitive grant proposals.

Action and Elements

  1. Make a decision if Institutional Research and Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) will be a combined unit or division and whose department, vice president, or office OSP will report to.
  2. Identify the individual who will head up the OSP and oversee the efforts of this office. Office of Sponsored Programs is the central unit responsible for serving faculty and administrators by coordinating, pre- and post-award functions. This service includes coordinating the acquisition, monitoring, modification, and close-out of grants, contracts, and agreements.
  3. Communicate to Henderson faculty and staff the institution’s benchmark of $4.5 million as the amount of desired funding from contracts and grants.
  4. Establish policy guidelines, processes, procedures, and forms for application for proposal process, award process, and the manner in which pre- and post-award activities are to be conducted campus-wide because all federal, state, and foundation awards administered by Henderson represent obligations of the university and must be approved through the Office of Sponsored Programs.
  5. Prepare a proposal preparation Fact Sheet to include (but not limited to) Henderson’s Dun #, EIN #, university’s fringe benefit rates, congressional/legislative district, indirect cost rates, Henderson’s indirect cost recovery percentage which can be shared with Henderson’s department who generates the grant as an incentive or reward for generating the grant. This fact sheet contains typical information that is requested of federal and state grants and allows the grant writer to have handy facts that are typically used for submission of federal and/or state proposals.
  6. Establish a grant administration sitemap that allows faculty and staff to navigate through various forms and templates for proposal preparation.
  7. Create a funding resource center and databases of funding resources/funding searches for federal, state, county and private funding sources.
  8. Offer pre-award support through the Office of Sponsored programs and ongoing administrative support to promote and encourage faculty and staff in their efforts to pursue and secure external funds. This requires staffing with expertise and experience in development of grant proposals related to federal, state and private funding (i.e., NIH, SURF, NSF applications). Support is given during all stages of grant development and submission, from identifying funding opportunities, to developing budget and cost proposals, to negotiating terms on grants and contracts, to reporting.
    • Implement and conduct workshops each semester to help support on-going guidance and training to faculty and staff in the development and submission of grants.
      • Workshop Training Topics, can include, but are not limited to, such topics as the following:
        1. Proposal Writing Workshop (Sections of a Proposal)
        2. Searching for Grants
        3. It’s all the Budget – Budget Development /Cast Share/Indirect Cost/Facilities and Administrative rates
        4. Proposal Clearance Procedures
        5. Subcontracting
        6. Securing letters of support
        7. Compliance and Assurances
        8. Reporting Requirements
        9. Data Analyses
        10. Grant Evaluation
  9. Prepare an annual report or annual grants news brief that includes list of awards, information on the funding of the external grant funded projects, and highlights of funded programs.