Strategy Eight

Offer High Quality Concurrent Courses

The State of Arkansas currently requires institutions to accept the credits of most general education (LAC) courses from Arkansas two- and four-year institutions. Often high school students are admitted as first-time, full-time freshmen yet they have a number of credits from area colleges. Henderson has not been approved by the state to offer concurrent credit. This initiative would allow Henderson to offer high-quality concurrent enrollment courses to high school students, many of whom will continue their college studies on the Henderson campus. This will serve both as a recruiting and a retention tool as these students will be familiar with the Henderson programs, policies, procedures, and some of the faculty and staff, increasing their likelihood of enrolling and persisting to graduation.

Action and Elements

  1. Obtain ADHE approval to teach concurrent enrollment courses.
    • Application form completed and sent to ADHE by June 1, 2014.
    • Get Memorandums of Understanding from area high schools planning to partner with Henderson.
    • Survey Partners in Education members to determine concurrent credit needs.
  2. Establish/organize “center” for oversight of concurrent enrollment program.
    • Appoint person(s) responsible for working with schools, scheduling classes, identifying faculty.
    • Train those involved.
    • Charge person(s) with oversight of adherence to ADHE policies and procedures.
    • Prepare faculty teaching concurrent credit courses.
  3. Determine admissions and registration process.
    • Designate person responsible for admitting and registering students.
    • Develop timeline for enrolling students.
    • Identify location for admitting and enrolling students.
  4. Determine payment—tuition, fees, etc.
    • The amount to charge and whether or not this will be mandated by the state or decided by the institution is still being discussed at state level.