Management Information Systems (BBA)

The Program

Management Information Systems is a degree that prepares students for a wide variety of careers within the corporate world, government , a support function in all business disciplines, and the world of self-employment.  Additionally, the Management Information Systems program prepares students for entry into the MBA program.

In today’s world computers and information systems have an impact on people’s lives through the data that is stored on computers.  Therefore, knowing more about how the systems run, are built, are maintained, and secured is very useful.  The knowledge gained through this program helps a student not just in a career in Management Information Systems, but also in their personal life, or if they decide to change careers later in life.

Our broad-based foundation in business and emphasis on computers will give students a wide range of problem-solving skills to use in a business environment.  Hands-on experience not only enhances knowledge, but it gives students the experience they need to successfully enter the business world.

The HSU Business School has developed a variety of academic experiences to enhance student’s educational experience through the Business beyond the Classroom program. Many students gain valuable experience through Internships within industry and government.  For information about course requirements in the Management Information Systems program click on Degree Plan.

The Faculty

The faculty teaching the required courses for the Management Information Systems are committed to advising, teaching and counseling students into careers that best fit each student.  In order to keep skills fresh, some faculty do consulting and/or volunteer work in the field, in addition to teaching.

The Results

Management Information Systems is a popular major for entry into any business environment.  Job opportunities are plentiful for students who major in Management Information Systems and perform well in their class work.  Career opportunities are available in many businesses, such as in manufacturing and retail firms, banking, finance, government organizations, and unlimited potential in entrepreneurship.  With a versatile background in business and technology students can be an asset to any company or organization.


Ms. Renae Clark