Living On Campus

Learning happens everywhere. When you come to Henderson, you’ll see that one of the best places to learn about yourself, your dreams, your friends and your future will be your residence hall. No matter where you live, your residence hall room will provide everything you’d expect and need — cable TV, phone, Internet and laundry facilities. It will also be a place for you to grow, to take part in fun hall activities and programs, and to be supported by your resident assistant.

Residents check into one of Henderson State's new housing options, University Place.

New housing options

  • Reddie Villa Apartments - This is a brand new apartment complex that opened in Fall 2015. This is an on-campus complex designed for upperclassmen only. 
  • University Place - This brand new residence hall opened in Fall 2015 and houses both freshmen and upperclass students. University Place offers suite-style rooms with semi-private restrooms. 

Smith Hall houses a majority of Henderson State's freshman female students.

Other housing options 

  • Newberry Hall – Most first-year male students live in Newberry.

  • Smith Hall – Most first-year female students live in Smith. 

  • East and West Halls – Co-ed facilities designed primarily for upperclassmen, East and West offer suite-style rooms with semi-private restrooms.

  • Sturgis Hall – For members of the Henderson Honors College, Sturgis offers suite-style rooms with living rooms and semi-private restrooms for upperclassmen.

  • International House – The International House provides apartment-style housing for upperclassmen.

  • Ridge Pointe Apartments – This is an on campus apartment complex designed for upperclassmen only.

Housing costs

Per semester - rates for 2018-2019

East Hall
Double – $2,081
Private – $2,426

West Hall
Double – $2,081
Private – $2,426

Sturgis Hall
Double – $2,081
Private – $2,426

Newberry Hall
Double – $1,628
Private – $2,101

Smith Hall
Double – $1,628
Private – $2,101

University Place
Double (4 person suite) – $2,153
Private (3 person suite) - $2,573

International House – $1,717

Ridge Pointe Apartment Complex
4 bedroom apartment - $2,506/semester/bedroom
2 bedroom apartment - $3,063/semester/bedroom
1 room efficiency apartment - $4,044/semester

Reddie Villa Apartment Complex (all 4 bedroom apartments)
4 bedroom apartment - $3,280/semester

Contact the Office of Residence Life

Office of Residence Life
1100 Henderson St.
HSU Box 7533
Arkadelphia, AR 71999-0001