Newberry Hall

Newberry Hall is a residential option for all male residents. Newberry Hall is a nine-story residence hall that houses more than 350 students. Here you will find a game room, formal lounge, 24-hour computer lab, reception area and a laundry room. For those who like to cook there is a kitchen on the first floor and a microwave room on each of the residential floors. Elevators are also provided for easy access to upper floors. There are many ways for you to get to know the other guys on your floor. These include hanging out in the game room playing pool, ping pong or watching the game on the high-definition television or attending the numerous RA programs or Hall Council events. Some of these fun events include: NCAA football tournaments on Xbox or PS4, Hold'em, ping pong and pool tournaments. 

Newberry Hall

Your new home

When you arrive you will find that your room is furnished with twin beds, laminate flooring, a wardrobe closet, two chairs, a bookshelf, a desk, desk chairs, window blind, cable TV connection, local phone service (upon request) and a data port for Internet connection. Roommates will also have the option of bunking beds to make room for any extra furniture brought so you can make your space unique to you. The dimensions of the rooms are 14'8" x 12' and the dimensions of the window is 6'7.5" x 3'10.5". 

Check out this 360 degree view of the room at Newberry Hall. Use your mouse to move around the image to see all the room has to offer. 

Smith/Newberry Bedroom - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

The staff

There are at least 8 university staff members who live in Newberry Hall. Each floor has at least one resident assistant (RA), a specially selected and trained student with the experience and knowledge to help you get acclimated to the hall and university life. On the first floor you will find your hall director's and area coordinator's apartments. The hall director and area coordinator are there to provide any additional help you may need and to handle the day-to-day management of the building.

Themed housing

Newberry Hall offers a few themed floor options, allowing you the opportunity to live and socialize with others who have similar interests to yours. The themed options for Newberry Hall include Band housing, Substance Free housing and 24-Hour Quiet housing.

The second floor is home to two of our themed housing communities; Band Housing and Substance Free housing.  Students participating in one of the HSU Band programs may live together on the Band housing side of this themed floor. These rooms are restricted to members of one of our band programs only. The other half of the second floor is dedicated to the Substance Free themed community. Students choosing to live in the Substance Free community are committing themselves to living well and promoting healthy lifestyles by agreeing to refrain from the use of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs. If these themed communities are somewhere you are interested in living make sure you indicate that on your housing application.

The fifth floor is home to the 24-Hour Quiet themed community. Students choosing to live on the Quiet floor are committing themselves to living in an environment free of loud noises 24 hours a day, providing the quietest atmosphere for studying possible. If this themed community interests you make sure to indicate that on your housing application.


Double – $1,588

Private – $2,050