Returning Student Application Process

Students wishing to return to Henderson State University after not being enrolled for one calendar year or more must complete the readmission process. Students returning after being placed on suspension status must also apply for readmission. 

To apply for readmission a student may either complete the university online application, or an application for readmission in the Admissions Office. If completing the application on the Henderson homepage it is important to identify as a returning student and indicate any name changes that may have occurred.

Students who have completed coursework at another institution since last attending Henderson must submit all relevant transcripts prior to readmission. Readmission to the University will not be granted until all transcripts are submitted.

Students will receive a notification by mail once admitted. This notification will also list the readmitted student’s academic advisor. Notification will also be sent if a student is denied readmission for any reason. Readmission will not be granted if a Business Office hold was previously placed on the student account.

College transcripts submitted during the readmission process will be evaluated for credit that may count toward graduation at Henderson State.