Admissions Counselors

We’re happy to help you with any questions you have or schedule your campus visit. Contact us by calling 1-800-228-7333 or 870-230-5028, or email Admissions or one of us personally.

Dr. Brandie Benton

Associate Provost for Enrollment Management
P: 870-230-5028

Alicia Ussery

Alicia Ussery

Northwest Arkansas Admissions Counselor
P: 870-230-5246
C: 870-210-0683

Carrie Herron
Northeast Arkansas Admissions Counselor
P: 870-230-5526
C: 870-403-8534
Bre Tidwell

Breanna Tidwell

Guest Services Coordinator
P: 870-230-5047

Brittany Hubbard
Administrative Specialist III
P: 870-230-5381
Heath Sims
Admissions Marketing and Communications Specialist
P: 870-230-5491
Kelci Garza

Kelci Martinez

Out-of-State Admissions Counselor
P: 870-230-5526
C: 870-210-9612

Kelly Savage

Kelly Savage

Administrative Specialist III

Mallory Turner

Customer Relations Management Specialist
P: 870-230-5448


LaShonda McNeill

Southeast Arkansas Admission Counselor
P: 870-230-5503
C: 870-210-0371

Tyler Hill

Tyler Hill

Southwest Arkansas Admissions Counselor
P: 870-230-5388
C: 870-210-9268

Dillon Word

Dillon Word

Central Arkansas Admissions Counselor
P: 870-230-5440
C: 870-210-9219


Victoria Mirocke

Administrative Specialist III
P: 870-230-5028


Hope Bratton

Transfer Advisor
Located at National Park College
& College of the Ouachita
C: 501-463-3926