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Getting Started

Are you interested in earning your degree at Henderson State University - Hot Springs? Schedule a consultation to review your transcripts and educational goals. We can help you find the right program and the right pace to complete your degree! 

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Transferring to HSU - Hot Springs

Once you have completed your basic coursework and the liberal arts core at National Park College, you may transfer to Henderson State University and register for classes at the Hot Springs campus. Applications for admission are submitted to Henderson State University's main campus. However, with the help of the HSU - Hot Springs staff, you may register for classes at the Hot Springs campus.

Funding Your Education

A number of transfer scholarships are available to students who have performed well in their first two years at a junior college. Additionally, the Oaklawn Foundation offers scholarships to Garland County residents seeking a degree. Between these resources and the affordable tuition rates of Henderson State University, it is entirely possible to earn your degree on almost any budget.

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Academic Programs at Hot Springs

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