Graduate School

A Henderson Graduate Degree
Prepares Students to Lead and Succeed

The pursuit of knowledge never ends. No matter how far you’ve gone, there is always another step that can be taken. When you enroll in Henderson’s Graduate School, you will become a valued member of a community that shares your passion for learning.

Henderson offers graduate-level programs in business, education, counseling, sports administration and the liberal arts. A variety of graduate assistantships are available each semester for students enrolled in the graduate school. Contact the Graduate School Office to apply. 

Henderson offers a variety of graduate programs designed prepare you for the highest level of success. Some of the careers our graduates enter are superintendent, licensed counselor, sports administrator, business leader, educational specialist, and doctoral candidate in a variety of fields. These are the degree and licensure programs we offer:

We know you’re busy, so we’re flexible. Some of our programs are partly or completely online. We also offer some assistantships to help defray the costs of furthering your education. Contact us today to find out how Henderson can help you achieve your educational and vocational goals.


Graduate School Office
870-230-5479 (fax)