ID Cards

All Henderson State University students are issued an identification card.  The student ID has your picture, name, and University assigned student identification number on the card. The card is issued free of charge to students after your first registration at HSU.  Most incoming freshmen have their student ID made at Heart Start Orientation. 

The card is required if you wish to check out information from the Huie Library, to gain access to on-campus ball games and activities, to access university computer lounges, to use the Dunn Student Recreation Center, and to enter the Cafeteria. if you have a meal plan.  If you live in a university residence hall you must have your student ID to open the exterior door to your building.  You may also place declining dollar amounts that show up only on your student ID card to be used at the Cafeteria or at the Reddie Cafeé, Starbucks , and Chick-fli-A  in the Garrison Center.  

To obtain your student ID at any time other than Heart Start Orientation you must request it in the Garrison Center Information desk and present a copy of your current class schedule. There is a $10.00 charge for replacement of a card.