Reddie Cheerleaders

Our Mission:

To support and promote school spirit at Reddie Athletic events and Henderson State University.


We are a co-ed squad of at least 14 cheerleaders. Our squad size varies year to year depending on our yearly budget, the number of participants trying out, and the overall skill level of the group participating in tryouts. The Henderson State University Cheer squad cheers at all home football and basketball games and participates in a variety of HSU campus events. Cheerleaders receive scholarships of at least $500 per semester as long as they meet GPA requirements. Cheerleaders must maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.5. All incoming freshmen must meet admissions requirements of the university prior to being allowed to tryout for the squad. Cheerleaders must maintain a full course load, 15 hours per semester, and must remain in good standing with the University at all times. All uniforms, travel expenses and travel meals are provided for each squad member. 

Cheerleaders must report to campus to participate in cheerleading camp one week prior to the beginning of classes. Cheerleaders must commit to time for practice 3-5 days a week during both the fall and spring semesters. Cheerleading contracts are for a full academic year and all renewals will be based on attitude, performance, progress, attendance and will be at the discretion of the coach. If a cheerleader breaks any portion of the signed contract they will be removed from the squad and will forfeit their scholarship money. 

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Tryouts are April 14, 2018
Application packets must be postmarked by March 26, 2018
Cost: $20 if packet is turned in by the deadline, $40 after deadline
Location: Henderson Duke Wells Center and Gymnastics Plus

Saturday, April 7th -  8:30AM - 1:00PM (Material Work Day at Gymnastics Plus) - mandatory for those selected
Wednesday, April 11th - 6:30-7:30 (open gym for tumble work day at Gymnastics Plus)
Saturday, April 14th - 8AM - 1:00PM (tryouts) doors will open at 7:15AM


Tryouts are held in 2 rounds. The first round is by video review.  All applicants will be required to submit a video demonstrating criteria, listed below, no later than March 26, 2018 by 5:00pm. All videos will be reviewed and those chosen to move on to the next round will be notified no later than 7:00pm on April 5, 2018. Those invited to the second round will be required to attend the material work day on April 7, 2018 at Gymnastics Plus.  Videos and other application materials may be emailed to A confirmation email will be sent once video and application materials have been received.

Required Documents (must be postmarked by March 26, 2018 for pre-registration price)

Tryout Form (pdf)
Waiver Form (pdf)
Cheer contract agreement (pdf)
Proof of Physical Exam - must be completed within the past 6 months
Insurance Card (front and back copy)
Proof of admission to Henderson State University (acceptance letter or class schedule if you are a current student)
Unofficial transcript
Photo of yourself
Tryout fee: $20 (pre-registration) or $40 (after March 26th)

Please send all tryout packet material to:

Amanda Baker, HSU Cheer Coach
P.O. Box 7533
Arkadelphia, AR 71999

Required documents and videos may also be sent via email to Application packets will not be considered complete until application fee has been received. 

Round One: Video Requirements

Each person interested in being selected for the 2018-2019 HSU Cheer Squad will submit a video with the required materials/skills. This video will allow participants the opportunity to showcase the required skills and also any other skills they wish to share with our judging panel. Round two will include a cheer material work day and live tryout. 

Your video should highlight your best of the best, so give us all you got!  We want to see what you have to offer and learn why you would make a great addition to the HSU Cheer Squad. All videos should include the following criteria:

           - Personal introduction. In this introduction tell us your name, where you are from and what cheer experience you have.
              Also share with us what makes you a great asset to the HSU Cheer squad. 
           - Demonstration of all jumps (please announce all jumps and include one double and one triple)
           - Chant - must pertain to HSU (colors= red and gray, mascot = REDDIES)
           - 2 of your best tumbling passes  (Minimum standing back-handspring and round-off back-handspring are mandatory)
           - 3 stunts - Liberty or Heel stretch, arabesque or scale, advance stunts (needle, scorpion, bow and arrow, chin chin), basket toss (any type of basket is accepted, most advanced preferred)

During stunting we ask that you make yourself stand out. Meaning YOU wear a sports bra or white top and have the others in the stunt group wear something complete opposite of you. You need to be the focus of the group. Stunt within your dominate skill area (FLYER, BASE, BACKSPOT). You will need to participate in each of the following stunts. These stunts can be performed in partner stunting and/or all girl stunt group. The advance stunts are preferred. The dismounts of every stunt needs to be a cradle, full down or double down.

Round Two: Material Work day and Live tryouts

If you are selected to move on to round two of the tryout process you will be required to attend the material work day on Saturday, April 7, 2018. Work day will be held at Gymnastics Plus, 721 S 7th St, Arkadelphia from 8:30AM to 1:00PM.  During material work day on Saturday, you will be split up into tryout groups and will work on material with an assigned group. This is your time to perfect the material and ask any questions you may have. The criteria listed below are basic requirements for the live tryout. 

          - Round-off tuck
          - Round-off multiple back handsprings
          - Toe Touch back handspring
          - Standing tuck or standing multiple back-handsprings
          - HSU fight song routine (taught at Material work day)
          - HSU chant (taught at Material work day)
          - Original cheer (performed during tryout)

Live tryouts will be held on Saturday, April 14, 2018 at the Duke Wells Gymnasium, 1192 M.H. Russell Drive. The doors to the gym will open at 8:00am and tryouts will begin at 9:00am. During tryouts, you will perform each judged criteria with your group. Your tryout will be judged based on the following:

          - Motions – strong, sharp and correct placement
          - Jumps – skill level and clean 
          - Tumbling – skill level and control
          - Stunts – difficulty, sturdy and control
          - Overall appearance/demeanor – enthusiastic, crowd appeal, engaging, collegiate

The squad will be announced Saturday, April 14th after tryouts are complete. Those that make the squad will be required to attend a MANDATORY meeting immediately following the announcement. You will be measured for your uniform and other items at this time. TRYOUTS ARE CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC. 

Attire requirements:

(Tryouts and video)

                * Black Nike pros or shorts
                * Sports bra (gray, red, black or white)
                * White athletic shoes and socks
                * Full face make-up (game day ready)
                * Hair should be pulled up off shoulders and back out of face
                * All clothing should fit well, be in good taste and not distracting
                * No jewelry will be allowed at any time during clinic or tryouts

(Work day)

                * Sports bra (gray, red, black or white)
                * Nike pros or shorts
                * White shoes and socks
                * Hair should be pulled up off shoulders and back out of face

Contact Amanda Baker at 870-230-5498 or by email: or Rylie Prescott by email: with any questions or concerns.