Henderson's Department of Aviation is Arkansas's only university program that offers a four-year Bachelor of Science degree specifically in aviation.  The aviation program is designed to allow a student to qualify for Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certificates and also complete requirements for a Bachelor of Science degree. 

Flight training is offered to qualify for the following certificates and ratings:  Private Pilot Certificate, Commercial Pilot Certificate, Instrument Rating, Multiengine Rating, Flight Instructor Certificate, Instrument Instructor Rating, and Multiengine Instructor Rating.  Henderson State University is approved by the FAA to certify its qualified students for the Restricted ATP Certificate at 1,000 flight hours.

Utilizing experienced faculty, flight instructors, and 17 aircraft, our goal is to provide students the training and education necessary to prepare them for a career in the professional aviation industry, and in the safest environment possible.  Our department offers courses and degree tracks for students that want to fly for the airlines or for a corporate flight department or manage the fleet they fly and the airports they serve.

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Flight instruction

Henderson State University conducts flight training from the Arkadelphia Municipal Airport (ADF). Henderson operates the airport's fixed base operation and offers flight instruction, rentals, pilot supplies and fuel services.

Drone Certification and Drone Minor

The minor in Aviation with Emphasis on Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (Drone Minor) provides the education and training to obtain the Federal Aviation Administration’s Remote Pilot – Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems certificate.  The use of “drones” is not strictly limited to aviation only endeavors but rather their use will span across several different disciplines across campus.  As such, the commercial use of drones will be a bridging of aviation with other fields such as multimedia, digital arts, etc.
The Department of Aviation in collaboration with the Department of Engineering provides the courses needed to understand the techniques and processes used in the construction of Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems.  The courses for the minor include the following:
AVN3143 Fundamentals of Small Unmanned Aerial Systems
AVN3151 sUAS Lab
AVN3253 Aviation Legislation  
EGR1201 Introduction to Engineering
EGR1413 Engineering Graphics
One of the following three courses:
o EGR1011 Engineering Shop
o EGR 2584 Electrical Circuits I
o EGR 3474 Electronics I
Students may also take AVN3143 Fundamentals of Small Unmanned Aerial Systems and AVN3151 sUAS Lab to obtain their FAA issued Remote Pilot – Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems certificate without pursuing an aviation minor if they so chose.

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