Department of Art

The program 

The HSU Department of Art strives to provide the best visual arts education in a nurturing environment. Our excellent faculty, small classes, and great facilities give our students a unique opportunity to become strong artists, graphic and media designers, and art educators. It is considered to be one of the best programs in Arkansas. 

The faculty 

Henderson’s faculty comprises professional artists, designers, and scholars who pursue active professional careers as well as their work in the classroom. This dual role insures a faculty with the skills and knowledge to prepare students for the challenges they face in establishing professional art careers for themselves. Our department prides itself on providing the expertise students require as they pursue careers in the studio arts, graphic and media design, or education.

The results 

As a small school, Henderson offers an impressively diverse and well-taught art curriculum and is recognized accordingly throughout the region. It is large enough to be comprehensive and small enough to be genuinely nurturing with its students.  


Department of Art, Henderson State University  
Russell Fine Arts Center 
1100 Henderson Street, HSU Box 7733 
Arkadelphia, AR 71999-0001 
Phone: 870-230-5036