Once a Reddie, always a Reddie! That’s been the spirit of the Henderson Alumni Association since it was established in 1965.
The Henderson State University alumni network is comprised of more than 22,000 undergraduate and graduate alumni who have taken the campus community global. Because they know the university best, alumni are a vital part of Reddie family and serve an important role in Henderson’s progress and academic reputation.
As a gift to our alumni, you are automatically a part of the Alumni Association when you graduate from Henderson. We do not charge association dues.
The Alumni Association operates within the framework of its Constitution and By-Laws, as approved by the Henderson State University Alumni Board. The Alumni Association is organized for the following purposes:
  • To articulate the mission and activities, programs and needs of Henderson to its alumni.
  • To foster relationships among alumni, students and faculty.
  • To recognize and increase visibility of alumni accomplishments and achievements.
  • To promote alumni contributions of time, talent, and treasures.

Dedicated Henderson alumni have a long tradition of serving, supporting and enhancing the campus community through gifts of professional services, volunteerism and financial support. Alumni Services is located in historic Barkman House, a two-story transitional Greek-Gothic that was completed around 1860, and is listed in the National Register of Historical Places. To learn more about the Henderson State University Alumni Association and to find out how you can get involved, contact us at:


Alumni Services
HSU Box 7703
Arkadelphia, AR 71999
Phone: 870-230-5401