English (BA)

Our English department prides itself on providing you with an intellectually stimulating place to study language and literature. Our accomplished faculty members and their wide range of expertise will give you exceptional reading, writing, and analytical skills, and they will also expose you to some of the most interesting and prized literature the English language has to offer.

The program

Our English department engages and exposes students to some of the most popular, and sometimes more unfamiliar works of literature. The broad range of courses includes studies in Medieval, Romantic, Southern, American, and Contemporary literature, just to name a few. With such a large range of subjects, you’re bound to find exactly what interests you. Interested in writing your own literature? Our program also offers composition courses that will stimulate and enhance your creativity.

The faculty

Our prolific and accomplished faculty members are trained in a variety of different types of literature, grammar, and composition. Our program offers special topics courses that allow faculty members to focus on a part of literature related to their expertise, adding to the already vast selection of courses. Thanks to such specialized and accessible faculty members, your experience in our English program will be one that enlightens, motivates, and inspires.

The results

With a degree in English, the possibilities are endless. The reading, writing, and thinking skills you gain from our program will prepare you for careers in teaching, advertising, and business. Also, you will have a great foundation from which to start graduate work in English, liberal arts, and even law.

Degree plan